Help for Alan’s Ark: Daily prompts

This blog is a way of ‘paying it forward’ to those bloggers who have followed my blog and liked my posts.

My Daily Prompt site is now at:
(ReBlogs can be found there from now on)

My ‘Meta’ Daily Prompt blog (this blog) is at:
(this blog links to other Daily Prompt blogs)

Please read the guidelines and options for more Daily Prompts on this page:

This is a ‘proof of concept’ blog to show how  a Daily Prompt style blog can be implemented using the Dyad 2 WordPress theme (now that the WordPress Daily Prompt site is no longer providing new prompts).

Imagine a number of such blogs, connected by a “meta” blog to connect them together (a blog linking to the other blogs).

A list of Daily prompts is at the bottom of this page. Daily Prompts on this blog are recycled from two years ago (prompts from the original WordPress Daily Prompt site).

I may be posting less often now. I will blog a Daily Prompt for each day.

If you are aware of other Daily Prompt sites, please create a pingback (or other link) to them on this post (see after next paragraph).

This Blog allows (new recycled) Daily Prompts now that there are no new Daily Prompts from WordPress. It is also here to get feedback on WordPress 5.0 and Daily Prompts.

I will also put your post on the old Daily Prompt site (if it is still active).

For a list of old prompts for June 2016 onwards look at the bottom of this page or for active prompts look at the Daily Prompt tag at

The most recent posts will appear near the beginning of the blog. To see posts for a particular word, click on a tag at the bottom of a post or in the sidebar:

To comment on this post, in your post (on your blog) include the post link below (see the URL at the top of this page)
so that a comment (pingback) will automatically be created on this post on this site.

I will ReBlog your post (from the pingback) so that your post will appear on this site as a new post.

If it’s easier for you, just put a link to your post in a comment on this site and I will ReBlog your post.

You will need to allow ReBlogs for this to happen; first Click on My Sites (top left).


Make sure the top box is ticked 🙂

You may also like to check the sharing options further down the page:


If you are using the WordPress Dashboard (access by putting wp-admin at the end of your site address. e.g. ) you will find this option at the bottom of the Sharing page (accessed under Settings). Remember to Click Save Changes.

For the next week all pingbacks will be RebBlogged. After that only pingbacks from followers of this blog may be ReBlogged.

I hope you will follow my other blog too:

All ReBlogged posts will appear on this page. Use tags (in the SIDEBAR menu at the top of this page) to see posts for each prompt individually.

For each individual Daily Prompt do the same (copy the link from the top of the page for the Daily Prompt).

You may also like to look at my blog:

You can view old Daily Prompts (from the original Daily Prompt website) by clicking below:


Just copy and paste an old prompt (copy link below) into your post to add it to the Daily Prompt site (still working for old prompts at the moment).

More prompts

Jun 2016

Sample prompt: Rebuild
To submit a post on my Daily Prompt site,EitherInclude the following link in your post (anywhere)
(this will create a pingback)OrAdd a comment to this post with a link to your postTo see other posts with this prompt see: see all existing Daily Prompt words (recycled from 2016) click on a word (tag) at the bottom of this post.Your blog should already be set up to allow ReBlogs.
I need to manually ReBlog your post on to my blog.For instructions (including a list of prompts and how to allow ReBlogs) see: posts for this prompt on the original Daily Prompt site see:
Rebuild Remember: New Zealand may be one day ahead of your country.

Since the most recent post will appear near the front of this blog, it does not matter if you use previous prompts 🙂


All the best with your blogging


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