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That familiar ache in my heart Lets me know I’m connected To the truth of my life, to my soul It’s where I sing from It’s where I dream From my heart, I can never go wrong

Test prompt. Daily Prompt: Purpose.

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Just checking that prompts are still working (5 June). Nope 😦 Maybe WordPress has stopped old prompts working too? What is the purpose of this? Jun 2 Purpose Nope- this does not seem to be working this morning 😦 Until this is sorted out, please add a link in…

Daily prompt: Connected. Proof of concept

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WordPress disrespects users How users feel disrespected Now Daily Prompt disconnected For users depressed Unhappy we guessed How long till WordPress rejected Alan Grace 7 June 2018 Jun 7 Connected I have set up a ‘proof of concept’ blog to show how a Daily Prompt style blog can be…