Test prompt. Daily Prompt: Purpose.

Daily prompt: Purpose


Daily Prompts may or may not be working now on the original site.

Try it and see.



COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace

Just checking that prompts are still working (5 June). Nope 😦

Maybe WordPress has stopped old prompts working too?

What is the purpose of this?


Nope- this does not seem to be working this morning 😦

Until this is sorted out, please add a link in your own post, linking to any of my posts. e.g. to link (create a pingback) to this post, within your post include:
(just copy and paste the link from the top of the post).
A link to  your post should then appear in the comment section of my post (that you have linked to). Please do this for any of my posts containing a Daily Prompt.

Latest reply from Ben this morning:

Hi Alan,

After discussing this with my team, we decided to keep pingbacks switched off on The Daily Post. My apologies for replying too quickly; there are…

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