Test prompt. Daily Prompt: Purpose.

Daily prompt: Purpose


Daily Prompts may or may not be working now on the original site.

Try it and see.



COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace: My vir[tu]al COVID-19 journey

Just checking that prompts are still working (5 June). Nope 😦

Maybe WordPress has stopped old prompts working too?

What is the purpose of this?


Nope- this does not seem to be working this morning 😦

Until this is sorted out, please add a link in your own post, linking to any of my posts. e.g. to link (create a pingback) to this post, within your post include:
(just copy and paste the link from the top of the post).
A link to  your post should then appear in the comment section of my post (that you have linked to). Please do this for any of my posts containing a Daily Prompt.

Latest reply from Ben this morning:

Hi Alan,

After discussing this with my team, we decided to keep pingbacks switched off on The Daily Post. My apologies for replying too quickly; there are…

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