Flaunt—Moving Past Turkish Screw Fucks

Shelby's Starlit Crossing


I’m finally in the process of
Giving you WAY less importance
In my brain—
You have occupied too much
Mental space and emotional ache
For the last seven months
Which will now STOP!

You simply aren’t worth
The attention that you’d be
Thrilled (if you knew)
I have given you—
You, so lonely, so starved
For acknowledgement
In a life absent of any
Long-term romantic love
You so crave.

During my weaker, ugly moments,
I’ve thought about you and
Your “assets”,
In great detail.

Have you opened your
Pillow-soft, willing arms
And easy, flabby thighs
During another, all-expense
Paid trip to travel
And be with him again
That I don’t know about, yet?
Maybe you have.

I believe he’d do
That kind of thing again
And I know you would.

Having no regular paying work,
No kids of your own, nothing,
You’d jump at another chance,
However brief and…

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