Purpose and Meaning—The Evolving Nature of Parenting

Prompt: purpose



Shelby's Starlit Crossing

Sitting alone in a house
Overflowing with quiet emptiness
And muted music of
Prolonged busy schedules of
People coming and going,

I hold my favorite wine glass
Containing what could only be
Described as a “mocktail” and
Ponder meaning in my life
Now that the kids,
Older teens now
Are so grown up.

I didn’t used to wonder much.
When the kids pattered into my bed
5:30 am on Saturday,
I got up with the sun,
Made blueberry pancakes and
Mixed together a flour and water goop
To serve as glue for collage making
With recycled buttons, yarn,
Magazines, tin foil and whatever else
I had on hand and had saved

Later that day, we’d head to
The Children’s Museum or
Public library to attend
A seasonal program complete with
Story time, light snacks and
A craft to make and take home.
Captivated by puppet show characters
And music, or…

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