Smooth Transitions into Full Fledged Adulthood

Shelby's Starlit Crossing

A positive, flip side exists
In most life situations and outcomes
If we can just breathe
With a soft focus to be able to
Hear that gentle optimistic ring
Amid self doubt din
Amplified by the cacophony
Inspired by others.

“Why would you ever buy
A 2 bedroom duplex?
A single family house is
Much more desirable and
Retains way more resale value,”

Certain members of my family
Pronounced to us,
Still in our 20s back then
And to the contrary,

Feeling very lucky for
Having found a way to
Just barely wriggle into
A historic 1925
Beautiful brick dwelling a
Block and a half away from
The city’s premier park
Complete with a pool inside
A vibrant rec center surrounded by
A 2.5 mile dirt running path
Shaded by stately trees.

Public transportation to places
Where I, a non-driver, needed to go
Was also strong there
In a city…

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