End of the road? 700+ Farewell gifts

COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace: My vir[tu]al COVID-19 journey

End of the journey for me?

No boy on voyage or journey
Give me power of attorney
Live no more as wall flower
Won’t cower in The Tower
Don’t haul me out on a gurney

Alan Grace
23 June 2018

Maybe it’s time to pause my WordPress journey?
Only one view of this post yesterday, so maybe time to stop blogging until WordPress 5.0 arrives?


I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts

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I have now linked the old daily prompts to the Poetry Soup website.

Look  at 700+ old prompts.


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Remember to look at the member poems.

Clicking on the Journey link will show you old posts for the prompt.

You can also now look at a random post of mine. Just click on the RANDOM POST menu.

I have also set up…

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